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Wellness Seekers in Olympus Pieria

From 650€

Our journey will start at Thessaloniki from where we will

depart for Pieria by bus or train, and then we will reach the village of Agios Dimitrios with a minivan. We will stay there for the following days and live a unique experience concerning introspection activities and workshops about food, in a setting of incomparable natural beauty. Our hosts will be the Bellou family, who has created a very well cared hotel that has won many awards and high ratings regarding their services and sustainable practices of their hotel and restaurant. Bellou family will welcome us with a two-hour tour around their farm that is full of wildflowers, organic cultivations and domestic animals. At noon, we will enjoy a meal based on dishes with local organic products, that will be harmoniously paired with the appropriate wines of local winemakers. After this exceptional tasting experience, we will take some time to relax and, in the afternoon, we will participate in team building activities in nature, implemented by a group facilitator, in order to come closer as a team and express ourselves.

The 2nd day, we will take our breakfast based on local products and then participate in a beekeeping workshop.  We will have the opportunity to become beekeepers for a while, to dress in the necessary uniform and learn more about the wonderful life of bees and the unique way they work as a community to produce honey, the sweetest gift of nature. Then, we will participate in a cooking workshop based on honey at our cozy farm hotel. Afterwards, we will have some free time in order to relax and fill our energy levels. In the afternoon we will take part in an easy yoga session in which our yoga instructor will help us improve our body’s strength, balance and flexibility and reduce our stress.

The 3rd day, we will be dedicated in the activation of all our senses and the connection with our inner self. In the morning, we will learn more about the herbal oils, their benefits and how they are produced, by participating in a herbal distillation workshop. We will take as a souvenir, a small bottle of herbal oil to use it in our everyday life. At noon, we will have some free time to have lunch, to relax or to explore the village of Agios Dimitrios. In the afternoon, our yoga instructor will help us improve our body’s strength, balance and flexibility and reduce our stress in a yoga session taken place in nature. Then, we will take part in a mental empowerment workshop where we will have time and space to express our feelings and thoughts about the experiences we lived.

Τhe next morning, after our lovely breakfast, we will check-out and visit Ktima Althaia at the Elatochori village. There we will taste the famous Mountain Tea of Olympus that is produced by Ktima Althaia. Then, we will visit the field where the tea is grown, and we will learn about its processing steps. Our hospitable hostess Mrs. Anastasia will tell us the history of Olympus tea from antiquity until today as well as the special benefits it has for our health.

Then, we will head back to Thessaloniki by bus or train and we will have the opportunity to rent bicycles or scooters and explore the famous Thessaloniki’s coastline (called “paralia”) in an ecological way. We will admire “Umbrellas” the famous sculpture of Zogolopoulos and rest at some of the beautiful gardens located at Paralia. The large waterfront of Thessaloniki will provide us with refreshing images with the wave bursting on our feet and the sun setting in front of us.

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