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Two-days trip

In the excursion are included: Bus transport, all tours, accommodation with breakfast, experiential games in nature, two full meals with drinks, visit and tour of the Mushroom Museum, Mushroom collection with guidance and mushroom cooking, 2 experienced guides from our agency, liability insurance policy, organization and coordination by San Dopios, VAT 24%. 

We start early in the morning from Thessaloniki and after the necessary stop for coffee on the way, we reach a village of Grevena, called Spilaio. The Spilaio is located 25 km west of the city of Grevena in the mountainous area of ​​northeastern Pindos. The route to the Cave is amazing, as the right side of the road is covered by huge rocks. In this small village we shall seek and descend the path that leads to the canyon of the Spilaio and there we can admire the bridge of Portitsa. Visitors are astounded by the wild beauty that emerges in front of them. In this idyllic place we shall play experiential games to get to know each other. One more place we can visit in this village is Koutsoulata, a weird name but that is how it is known to the residents of the village. It is a place on the top of the village on a hill. It has an amazing panoramic view where one can see the whole village, as well as the forest that is next to it. Also, there is a big gazebo at the edge of the cliff, where we can rest, enjoy this fantastic view and breathe the clean air that nature offers in this place. Then we head to the traditional small tavern “Spilaio”, where we can enjoy local recipes and good wine. We continue our day in the village Lavdas, where we visit the Mushroom Museum and we go on a mushroom hunt at the nearby mountain. There we meet Mr. Dimitris, who shall teach us everything we need to know about mushrooms, their types, their nutrition value, as well as the way we can collect them. Then we go into the woods and for about one hour and under Dimitris’ guidance, we collect mushrooms. After the seminar is over, we shall head to our picturesque guesthouse where another unique experience shall begin. We shall prepare a tasty mushroom dish at the kitchen of the guesthouse and we shall enjoy it all together. Upon completing the cooking of the mushrooms we ourselves collected, we shall participate in a workshop where we can create souvenirs in the shape of mushrooms, to have something to always remember the city of mushrooms by.

When the next day comes and after an energizing breakfast, we visit Vovousa, a village where anywhere you look, there are beautiful sights to admire. We shall have time to make a tour and take pictures at the arched stone bridge of the village, and for whoever wants to, there will be a traditional coffee and hot raki with honey, the famous “rakomelo”. Then, we shall visit the city of Grevena, the city of mushrooms, for a walk in the streets and the various shops. If we wish to, we can also purchase exquisite mushroom products. Then, we have lunch at a central restaurant of the city, in an area made of wood and stone, which reminds us of the cook shops of old time. With tasty traditional recipes, based on pure local products, with “brusco wine” from Grevena and “tsipouro”, but most of all made with love, with “meraki” as locals say, we shall become a fun-loving companionship. In the afternoon, full of beautiful images and experiences, we shall take the road back home to our city.

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