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In the excursion are included: Bus transport, meal, team building activities in nature, tour at a olive grove and at a olive mill, tasting of olives, olive oil and products with these ingredients, crafts workshop for the creation of a souvenir, 2 experienced guides from our agency, liability insurance policy, organization and coordination by San Dopios, VAT 24%. 

Our excursion to the multi-faceted Halkidiki focuses on the precious olive tree and olive oil. The connection of the olive tree with Halkidiki started from the Hellenistic and Roman times. Even though Halkidiki is famous for its sun and beaches, it is also an area with great forest cover and has developed agriculture activity. It has large areas of olive groves, which, due to the special climate, produce excellent olives and oil. More specifically, olive cultivation in Halkidiki today has over 5 million olive trees, covering 1/3 of the cultivated area of the prefecture. We start in the morning from Thessaloniki and then we arrive at the "Golden Tree", an olive grove in Kalyves, owned by the award-winning olive grower Eleni Zotou. She will guide us to a tour at the olive grove where we will learn more about this olive cultivation, how it is cared for and the fruit harvesting procedures. We can go around in the olive grove, learn about the tools needed for the collection and we shall try and collect olives ourselves. Then, we can visit the olive mill of Panagiotis Chliapas, where we will have a tour and learn about the stages of olive processing and olive oil production. In the area of the olive mill we can taste the olive oil and olives, while at the same time we can taste products based on olive and olive oil from a local producer. Then, we visit an olive grove with centenarian olive trees. There we shall have the opportunity to learn the history of the centenarian olive trees and take one-of-a-kind photos. In this special area we participate in team building activities organized by the group facilitator Chrisa Boza, while we can also make our souvenirs using materials from nature. At midday we can have our lunch at a local restaurant, tasting delicious recipes from a specially designed menu with products from local producers. If we wish, we may also visit the organized beach in front of the restaurant and enjoy the sea. Late in the afternoon we return to our city.

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