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A three-days trip

In the excursion are included: Bus transport, all tours, accommodation for two nights with traditional breakfast at a traditional guesthouse, experiential team bonding games at the natural landscape of the Emerald Lake, visit to a local winery and wine tasting, traditional feast accompanied by the brass instruments of Goumenissa and meal at a restaurant, tour in the cave of Agios Georgios in Kilkis, horse-riding and archery in Rancho Kilkis, art workshop for the creation of souvenirs, kayak in Doirani lake, 2 experienced guides from our agency, liability insurance, organization and coordination by San Dopios, VAT 24%.

We begin early in the morning from Thessaloniki, and after a short stop in Axioupoli, through a beautiful route in nature we reach the Skra waterfalls and the famous “Emerald lake”. There, visitors will enjoy a small miracle of nature. Through a beautiful route, visitors reach an area with rich vegetation, where there is the first waterfall of Skra, in the beginning of which there is a small cave with thin stalactites. Further down, visitors are in awe from the beauty of the small “Blue Lake” or “Emerald Lake”, which owes the emerald color of its waters to the limestone and fossilized organisms in its bottom. Continuing onwards, the vegetation gets denser and the ground is steeper. There, we face the second waterfall of Skra which falls loudly on the rocks, creating an amazing natural landscape. Our co-travelers will participate in team building activities in a landscape of unmatched natural beauty and then the more courageous ones may dive if they want in the cool green-blue waters of the lake. We continue our day with a visit to a local winery, where we can taste the high-quality wine from local varieties and we will get to know the art of wine making and tasting, learning to recognize flavors, aromas and the quality of the varieties of the wines. Then, we will head to a restaurant of the area in order to taste amazing recipes and feast in a traditional way with the melodies of the famous brass instruments of Goumenissa. Our first day is completed in the village of Goumenissa, at the foothills of Paiko Mountain, where we can get lost in the narrow alleys of the village and enjoy our coffee or food in the traditional coffee shops or taverns of the village. Finally, we enjoy our stay at a guesthouse, situated in the most central neighborhood of Goumenissa, next to the square with the French fountain and the centenarian plane trees.

On the second day of our trip, we start by visiting the Cave of Agios Georgios, which is situated at the foothills of the Hill of Agios Georgios in Kilkis. Its surface is more than 1,000 square meters and has two levels. It consists of limestones that are dated 235 million years ago. It is of particular speleological importance, as where there is no airflow, unique rock corals are created, cave formations from stalactites and stalagmites, on the walls, on the roof and on the ground due to the disperse of the water falling on the ground. Our guide and companion in discovering this mysterious world of speleology shall be Mr. Vasilis, a speleologist himself and guard of the cave, who will transfer his knowledge to us. Then, we can make a stop in the beautiful coffee shop that is on the hill of Agios Georgios with the amazing panoramic view, before heading to our next destination. At midday, we shall go to Rancho Kilkis (Riding club Kilkis), where we can participate in horse riding courses and archery. At the end, we can enjoy our meal to the specially designed areas of the ranch. After this full day, we return to our guesthouse, where we can participate to an art workshop for the creation of a unique souvenir of our trip.

On the third day, we will head to the village of Doirani, to the south of the lake, following an amazing route by the lake. Doirani is an amazing eco-tourism system which accommodates nineteen types of fish, as well as an important number of birds. There we can enjoy a beautiful kayak ride by the lake. The shore of the lake has trees and there are playgrounds, basketball courts and other facilities for visitors, as well as canteens and picturesque fish taverns, where we can taste the famous goulianos (local fish), accompanied by local tsipouro and delicious appetizers. Late in the afternoon, full of beautiful images and experiences we shall take the road back home for our city.

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