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Our Services

Our love for organizing special trips is reflected in our wish to live with our co-travelers unforgettable experiences!

Our services include organizing transport and accommodation of the travelers, as well as programming all the travel experiences you wish to include to your trip. We undertake the design and the implementation of travel experiences that offer a complete experience to the participant. The traveler has the option to choose some of the travel experiences we suggest or to assign to us the design of a unique suggestion based on his/her needs and interests.

Also, they will not need to worry about their transport and accommodation, since we will undertake these, working together with our network of experienced and renowned partners. Our basic goal is to support local societies and promote them. For this reason, we suggest that you include in your trip activities that are provided by local professionals, such as outdoor activities experts, owners of agrotourism accommodation facilities, artists, special scientists, etc., with whom we have developed relationships of partnership, trust and friendship.

A special element of our excursions is their educational character, as we include in these excursions various workshops, such as group facilitation, cooking classes, pottery classes, wine tasting, olive oil tasting, and many more.

With your involvement in these local activities and workshops, we are sure that you will earn a plethora of new experiences and unforgettable memories. More specifically, the services we offer in our trips can be summarized below: Organization and coordination of the excursion, bus transport, accommodation, tours, part of the meals, participation to outdoor activities and group facilitation workshops, team building activities and educational workshops, such as beekeeping, tasting, etc., sending emails with photos from the activities, experienced guides and insurance against civil liability. 

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