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Nature Lovers in Olympus Pieria and Imathia

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The starting point of our journey is the city of Thessaloniki. From there we will arrive by bus or train at the village of Litochoro in Pieria, which is located at the foothills of the mythic Olympus Mountain. A minibus will pick us up and we will head to “Olympus National Park Information Centre” at Litochoro, where we will have a two-hour guided tour in order to understand more about the multi-faceted Olympus’ environment at its different altitude zones before getting to know it from a close sight. Our next stop is the restaurant at Prionia, where we can enjoy our lunch based on local food products, among the lively vegetation of Olympus Mountain. Afterwards, we will have a three-hour hiking experience at Olympus Mountain in order to reach Zolotas Refuge, where we will stay for two nights. Bring your backpack and your suitable sports shoes with you and let the adventure begin!

The next morning, we will take some time for exploration of the surroundings, for relaxation and introspection. We then can enjoy our meal at the refuge’s restaurant. In the afternoon, we will participate in a mental empowerment workshop implemented by a group facilitator, in which we will have the opportunity to come closer to our inner self and communicate with our travel mates in a natural environment of exceptional beauty.

The 3rd morning, we will leave Zolotas Refuge and hike back to Prionia spot. There a minibus will be waiting for us to get us to Budolas Refuge, where we can enjoy our lunch and admire Olympus Mountain at the same time. Then, we will reach Litochoro and check in at our lovely countryside boutique hotel. There we will have plenty of time to relax and explore the traditional village, that represents a sample of exceptional Macedonian traditional architecture, by wandering its alleys and enjoying local dishes and wine at its taverns.

On the 4rth day, we will come even closer to nature by getting familiar with a horse and by participating in a horseback riding experience at the foothills of Olympus, while admiring the view to the Aegean Sea. In the afternoon, we will explore the beautiful natural surroundings of the village by walking by the Enipeas river and observing the flora and the fauna of this ecosystem. We will take some time to relax, slow down, observe our feelings and thoughts and just be present to that moment! This wonderful day will end with us tasting local delicacies at a tavern next to the river.

On the 5th day, we will depart from Litochoro, reach Arkochori village at Naousa (Imathia) and check-in at our cozy guesthouse located in the eastern foothills of Vermio Mountain. Afterwards, we will wander the alleys of the village and visit the central paved square of the village, where we will find two of the traditional cafes which in Greek are called “kafeneia”. There, we can enjoy Greek coffee or mountain tea and taste traditional local flavors while sharing stories with the locals who are always willing to introduce us to the history, customs and celebrations of their homeland. In the afternoon, we will participate in a mental empowerment workshop where we can express our thoughts and share our emotions about the experiences we lived with our travel mates.

The next morning, we will participate in some energizing activities in the nearby forest preparing ourselves physically and mentally for the rest of the day. There, we will observe birds, such as woodcocks, woodpigeons, turtle doves, cuckoos and other species that live in the forest by using special binoculars. We will also search for radishes, oregano, herbs, blueberries and anything else that nature offers generously and we will collect some of them. The next step would be to buy some products from the local grocery shop, combine them with the ones that we ourselves collected and make a wonderful meal at the guesthouse’s kitchen. With the help of our group facilitator, we will become a cooking team and we will enjoy Greek dishes made with love and local products.

Imathia is well known about the peach production, so a visit to the peach fields is a must. So, the last day of our trip, we will bicycle next to the vast pink sea of peach blossoms at Naousa’ s fields experiencing with all our senses this exceptional phenomenon. After the end of this activity, filled with aromas, flavors and colors, we will depart for Thessaloniki by bus full of unforgettable memories.

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