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Lefkohori - Thessaloniki

One-day trip

In the excursion are included: Bus transport, the tour to the zoological park of the estate, participation in the activities of the estate (horse-riding, archery, shooting) , participation in the team building activities of our agency, workshop for the construction of our very own souvenir, 2 experienced guides from our agency, liability insurance policy, organization and coordination by San Dopios, VAT 24%. 

We start from the city of Thessaloniki and within only half an hour we reach the village of Lefkochori, where a unit of alternative tourism awaits us. There we are given the opportunity to escape reality and the fast rhythms of the city and are taken to the world of the Wild West. We visit “Ziogas Western City”, a unit of horse-riding tourism-agrotourism, which provides us the opportunity to come closer to nature and discover its treasures from the back of a horse. In the areas of the estate, we can have a tour in the zoo with pets and other more special animals and we gain unforgettable moments from the direct contact with them. We can feed the animals, get to know them personally by their names and learn more about them. Then, the expert horse-riding instructor introduces us to the world of the horse and teaches us all that is needed for us to ride in the nearby mountains, always together with an experienced guide. We can participate to the care of the horses (grooming, feeding, etc.). Smaller children can ride the ponies of the ranch together with a guide and all the necessary equipment. All of us then shall test our skills in archery and shooting! Then, we shall have a break from the activities to enjoy our coffee in the specially configured area of the saloon. Upon regaining powers, we can participate in team building activities, designed by our team’s group facilitator, Chrisa Boza. These activities are group bonding games, which offer us the opportunity to spend quality and fun time together. These activities aim to improve the relationships of the members of any group (business, school, family, etc.) and to develop bonds of trust and understanding. After these moments of carelessness and intimacy we shall experience, there will come the time to rest at the ranch and have a meal, as the cowboys at saloons used to have. Then, a crafts workshop follows about the creation of a special souvenir with various materials, which will be a pleasant memory of the moments we had together in the estate.

Lefkohori - Thessaloniki: Service
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