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Our founding principles are Passion, Commitment, Responsibility, Innovation and Team Spirit!

San Dopios team consists of travel and experiential activities’ designers, as well as a wide network of experienced and renowned local partners. The person behind the inspiration and the creation of San Dopios is Stavros Papadopoulos, Consultant of Sustainable and Alternative Tourism of the American Farm School, Adult Educator and Economist with a Master’s Degree in Business Administration. His dream was the creation of a travel agency, different from the ordinary ones, an agency that is focused on alternative forms of tourism, which offers tailor made experiences based on the special needs and interests of travelers. His dream was also enriched by his intense interest in learning about the history and traditions of each place he visits, while his love for the local cuisine and nature’s beauty also played an important role in the creation of San Dopios!

He shares the same principles and dreams with the basic member of the project team of San Dopios, Chrisa Boza, who is responsible for the design and implementation of the experiential activities of our travel agency. Chrisa Boza is a Kindergarten teacher, an Adult Educator, a Group Facilitator and a trainee Consultant for Mental Health with a Master’s Degree in Education Psychology. Her passion to “bond” groups of people made her fit perfectly with the spirit of San Dopios, which expects for travelers to meet, interact, feel and share new travel experiences. By uniting their passion for travel, their love for their country and their desire to share anything that impresses and moves them, they were led to create San Dopios!

Travel together with us and become a member of our travel family!

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